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Alf Arthur, Who Arden Evan, Hal Lorde Bea Tyne Haim. Di King Duncan, Ty Wilby Donne Hawn Eartha Citizen Evan. Gibb ostrich Téa Daly Brendan Fergie Boss Art Dos Passos Zasu Weaver Gibb does Hooch Ray Spassky Ken Starr, Sand Leda Snodden Dude Temptation, Bundy Liberace Ephron Evil. Ford Inez Duck Ingrid Amanda Power Andie Glory Ferre Vera Men.

Alf the TV show alien
Sir Arthur Sullivan
little Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than two
Eve Arden
Evan Dando
Hal Linden
Audré Lorde
Bea Arthur
Tyne Daly
Corey Haim
Diana, Princess of Wales
Coretta Scott King
Sandy Duncan
Ty Cobb
James Wilby
John Donne
Goldie Hawn
Earth Kitt
Citizen Kane
Evan Wade (fashion model)
Andy Gibb ostrich
Téa Leoni
Carson Daly
Brendan Fraser
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
The Boss, Bruce Springsteen
Art Garfunkel
John Dos Passos
Zasu Pitts
Fritz Weaver
Barry Gibb
does (some deer... some female deer)
Hooch (of Turner &)
Satyajit Ray
Boris Spassky
Ken Starr
Georges Sand
Leda & the Swan
Pete Snodden (Irish DJ)
The Dude (The Big Lebowski)
Otis Williams (of the Temptations)
Ted Bundy
Nora Ephron
Evil Knievel
Gerald Ford
Inez Courtney (stage and screen actress)
Daffy Duck
Ingrid Bergman
Amanda Plummer
Tyrone Power
Andie McDowell
Glory, from Buffy season 5
Gianfranco Ferre
Vera Lynn
Men in Black
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Ok, this isn't a REAL rebus because it's not about spelling words correctly by kludging together pictures and letters arithmetically. What it is is a collection of pixtures that, if named properly and spoken in order, sounds a lot like some well-known mumbo-jumbo that's particularly appropriate to this week, at least for a bunch of religious types.

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Ok, folks, you have from now until midnight, December 11, 2035 (with a decided emphasis on the now part) to come up with as many words as you can think of with FOUR of the same vowel in them. Example: booboo. (Don't think of that one; it's already been thunk.) Extra points for four-U words and any words with FIVE of the same vowel.


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