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This is sidetracked from my FB friend Keith Patrick Dunn's page. This is my first "real" post about the recent mircus (murder-circus) (as opposed to yesterday's meta-post about blue kettles in the blogosphere) and of course it's in response to the people who have the [there just aren't words] audacity to speak for god in such cases. In point of fact, Keith's old high school pal had this to say about God and the murder of 26 humans:
"May the Lord provide peace and healing to the families of those taken today......even for the family of the young man who pulled the trigger.....the hurt that has been inflicted is so small compared to the hurt the Father has when He sees us doing these things to one another.........Through the loss of these lives may We the People wake up and allow the moral compass to be repaired in this land....."
I for one have had a lifetime to closely observe a very similar worldview to Keith's friend's—first on the inside as a wee Bapto-Pentecostal, then from the outside as an atheist. Perhaps it's not strange, then, that my gut reaction to the "prayer" (or the "pray-er") started out leaning toward appreciative, sympathetic. I mean, how many of us would argue with a sentiment that begins "May the LORD provide peace" even if we don't believe in any such LORD? And I appreciate a philosophy that allows for consolation of the murderer's family; indeed, recognizing and honoring everyone's humanity is the core underlying principle of the golden rule, the very foundation of Christianity.

But the message goes downhill fast: God's just so sad when he sees his cherished creations killing each other.


Even if I extend you the courtesy and respect of your own religious beliefs, you do NOT get the benefit of incredibly lazy beliefs, uninformed by your own holy texts. Either you worship the oh, so delicate heavenly father who ordered its chosen tribe to march into new lands and commit genocide, killing every man, woman, child, and livestock animal they found, or you don't. Either you worship the same loving deity that killed every single firstborn gentile in Egypt because one hardheaded monarch pissed him off, or you don't. Either "God" is eternal and unchanging or the New Testament God is a completely different entity from this old, psychotic, murdering, warlike one. Either the Ten Commandments are horseshit that doesn't belong in our minds, let alone our schools, or Yahweh doesn't cry when babies die—he fucking wanks. You do not get to have it both ways—GOD IS LOVE and GOD IS DEATH—picking and choosing who your god is on which day.

So, yeah, I have been known to get grumpy re such things. However, I know some (several? many?) Christians who are exceedingly good people and who have created God in their own image, and so any deity in their worldview would certainly, copiously weep at what happened in Newtown, Conn. So even then, I'm prepared to give Keith's pal the benefit of the doubt...

Until the death rattle of her "prayer"—THE MORAL COMPASS.

And then I got nowhere to go but FUCK YOU. Then we're *snap* *wake up!* right back to Pat Robertson and all the other holy sequined dancing girls on the TV, all telling us god is pissed because OMG GAY! and such like. Yes, that's it! of course that's the explanation! God lets little kids get their brains blown out because he's sad about teh gey.

I have nothing but a monolithic PLEASE GO FUCK YOURSELF TO DEATH for these people. If I weren't already constitutionally disinclined to stick my dick in vaginas, I'd force myself to refrain: because these people make me want the fucking species to fail.


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