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Update since Wednesday: the Cheeselord Tenebrae service went off well despite Fr. Kevin's homily. hiding in the tenebrae )

Thursday, my boss invites me to the "pipeline review" meeting where everyone involved in sales at Splatcom runs down the data on all potential opportunities. omg boring work talk )

Last night took a couple buses in a row from my office to St. John's Catholic Church in Falls Church to sing, as a ringer, for the Good Friday service there. back to church )

Metroed home, hung out awhile, and back out to the Green Lantern, which has managed to curry a respectable underwear night on Fridays as well as Saturdays. requisite smut content )
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So last Wednesday at Cheese Lord rehearsal we had a guest for eating, drinking, and singing, a high tenor who sings in another group with one of our basses and who is interested in auditioning with SCL. After rehearsal, on his way out the door, he stopped and said to me, "By the way, I saw your Christmas concert this year, and I thought your piece was the best."

D'oh! That somebody in the audience actually responded to a piece I wrote, enough to tell me about it... that just makes me swoon.

Then last Saturday night I was standing around in my underwear at the bar upstairs at the Green Lantern—I had chosen my sole pair of Calvin Klein boxer-briefs for comfort, name recognition, and the easy access afforded by the button fly—when a handsome, white-haired but youthful man (maybe 50 years old) (and who was fully dressed) came up to me and said, "Hey, I just saw you guys in concert in Alexandria and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was." A slight paraphrase, maybe, but that was the gist.

So, um. I wrote to my fellow Lords saying "Let's not get world-famous after all."

BTW, the new record is out, though it's not yet available on Graphic design by our excellent emeritus David McGaw by way of Hipgnosis / Pink Floyd circa Atom Heart Mother...:)
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Before heading to Filthydelphia last Friday, [ profile] misterdarkness told me to "have fun being proud" (during D.C. Pride)... I responded: "That's me: proud, loud, well-endowed, standing out in a crowd, head in a cloud (also bloodied by unbowed), lost my butler to Egbert Floud, better polemicist than Maureen Dowd, wearing a shroud pursuant to assassination by the House of Saud."what happened? )
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This weekend in brief but not in briefs:

Bailed on a previously agreed-to Baltimore excursion Friday night Read more... ) then headed out with maestro and Fabian to the Green Lantern for underwear night Read more... ) I stepped down heavily onto the concrete—and onto a 200-year-old rusty nail that seems to have been sticking straight upRead more... ) Tetanus is fatal in 11 percent of all casesRead more... )


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