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Life, as I would say
Life, as you would say
Life, as I will tell you,
Life is great.

For reals.

Mar. 29th, 2009 01:36 am
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I am sitting in Bxiie's room (which I guess I can say now is 'Bxiie's and my room' since I'm subsidizing the rent ever so slightly) over Zeitgeist bar at Valencia and Duboce in San Francisco, and I should be out in the Castro, either at the tail end of the GayVN Awards or the beginning of the after-party... But honestly? I don't feel like going out. I came back here for a nap after meeting [ profile] dendren for the first time in the flesh (finally!) at The Mix... after a fairly drunken early-mid-afternoon, starting with all-you-can-drink mimosas at the pornstar brunch at Lookout... and I woke up at 7:30, half an hour after the published start time of the awards. A waste of the ticket money, alas. But here's the truth: I'm happy right here, in a dimly lit room, by myself, listening to the people noise on the street outside, doing teh LiveJournal. Sitting in the best room of the best boarding house on the best corner in San Francisco, I can't help feeling a little Panglossy. Maybe I'll toddle off after a while and see who's out and about. Maybe not.

Brunch tomorrow at Lime with the criminally hot-ass mofo [ profile] rei_saru (and, what do you know, all-you-can-drink mimosas!) and then maybe some secondhand store shopping... and home on Monday... but despite the long time it takes to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific, I am loving San Francisco. I had more good conversations with strangers in bars today than I've had in the last year in D.C.

As it turns out, I had more alcohol on the way here yesterday than here. Scotch in my coffee on the flight from BWI to MDW, then two Blue Moons at a bar in MDW, then (since Derek da Silva ordered a double) Jack and Gingers on the MDW-SFO flight... I think I had four. Once I was out and about in the Castro, I only had three cocktails over the course of an evening (though I called it quits fairly early with the 3-hour shift dragging me down). All told, I didn't overdo my return to boozing. Well, until today. I hope Dendren doesn't think too ill of me for being relatively hosed when he showed up. :(

Ok, on to the porn journal, for them as cares:NSFW )
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So on the flight from Chicago to San Francisco I ended up sitting next to hardcore fetish pornstar Derek da Silva. NSFW )
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Today is Day 30 of my alcohol-freeness, and I have decided: Lent be damned. I will drink this weekend in San Francisco.

Thirty days is the usual 'drying out' period for me, anyway. Time to get wet again.


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