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"24/7/365" is redundant. Stop fucking saying it.
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Re the use of "aw" to replace the sound, as in "hot" and "rocks" and "hot rocks": KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. They are not the same sound, and "hawt rawks" sounds like you're a stupid American trying to pronounce the French for "high russet." The first part is probably accurate, at least.

What may be even worse, you might have decided that it no longer matters what it sounds like, since your pathetic little existence is spent typing into your computer. And you've seen others before you type "That rawks!" and so you do it yourself. But as a wise woman said to me on any number of occasions, "If you saw somebody else put a lump of shit on their nose and let it fall into their mouth, would you do it too?"

AMENDED: I'm sorry, did I make this sound like it was negotiable? It is not. Blow me.
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< rant> damn. how do people survive in companies like mine who are INFAMOUS for not responding to requests or returning calls? i mean, the bosses are like, "Oh, yeah, that's just ol' Fuckface, you have to go to his office and stomp on his head if you want anything out of him." and they're not even, like, executives. they're regular run o'the mill worker bees. i'da fired 'em the second time they stiffed me.

i may be basically old school here, but i fired not one but TWO reg'la perma-FT types in my day, one from Bank of New York (Delaware) when i was supervising the Arbitration and Compliance Unit (c. 1986) and one from the University of Delaware Morris Library when i was supervising the Stacking Unit. (that's not to mention the vast quantity of disposable slacker student workers at said library.) do you know how hard you have to not work to get fired from a full-time job at a university? you basically have to take a shit on your supervisor's desk, sign the reprimand letter, make a paper airplane out of it and stick the paper airplane into the mound of shit you left on your supervisor's desk a second time. (alternately you could make an offhand remark about the recent preponderance of left-handed lesbian midget albino Eskimos on faculty and have it overheard by one of same.)

but i am swearing please. i've got calls and/or emails in with at least half a dozen people right now trying to get the same few data for the proposal i'm working on... it's been several hours in most cases. ARGH!


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