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Friday after work I Metroed to Foggy Bottom and walked to the Kennedy Center to meet Tritelli, erstwhile drinking buddy and friend from way back in Delaware, for an NSO concert of Mozart and Bruckner. The Mozart piano concerto #27 is, as well as I can gather from the mems of mistery, the very first Mozart I ever sat down and listened to as a childnever mind. nothing to see here. )
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From [ profile] madknits:

1. Is your LJ name a reflexion of your own uncut state, or a statement of wannabe-ness, or a statement of your fondness of headcheese?
2. Anonymous 4: like 'em? love 'em? hate 'em? and why?
3. Favourite sixteenth century composer?
4. Let's talk about sex: when you are with a man with whom you are enjoying carnal pleasures, what do you like most in the world, and what do you dislike most?

J'ai soutaité plaintivement des questions
Et comme une psychologue, on m'en a bombardé!
Mais ça c'est bon, ça me soulage d'inaction:
Et de répondre à tous, je bien essayerai!
Moi, je suis circonci—comme l'enfant J. Seuss,
Mon propre glans du pénis n'est point encrassé
Du smegma, parce qu'on a volé mon cher prépuce
À ma naissance! Oui, je l'ai toujours manqué!
Mais non, pour ce fromage, je n'ai aucun penchant.
J'adore mieux les Quatre femmes Anonymes,
Ces belles oiseaux portant le nom coïncidant
Que le compositeur de loin le plus sublime
Du 16ème siècle. Enfin, pour mon recul:
Rien est mieux que perdant ma langue dans ton cul.

[I'm sure there's some horrendous Frenssh in there, and a couple extra syllables, but.]

Anyway, that's not exactly fair, because a few corollary questions went unanswered: I like Anonymous 4 based on my ownership of and listing repeatedly to precisely one record of theirs, "On Yoolis Night"—but if everything else they've ever done sucks, I'll keep liking them for this stunning collection of medieval carols.

And I lied about thinking "Anon." the best 16th century composer. It's hard to pin down just one; Palestrina is rightfully worshiped, but if such adulation takes glory from (say) Victoria's star, well, I've got some grumping to do. Ditto Lassus, Gombert, Stoltzer, Giovanni Gabrielli, and that sublime psychotic, Gesualdo.

Finally, I suppose the thing I like least in bed is when somebody who clearly likes playing table tennis with his own huevos assumes everybody else likes the same and starts manhandling mine accordingly. I have one of the most sensitive scrota of anyone I've ever met, and apart from oral stimulation of my perineum, there is absolutely no possible pleasuring of my balls, which go from indifferent to OW QUIT IT! at warp speed.
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Sorry, that should be "Ma fin de semaine"... the author of the titles has just been sacked.

It wasn't clear until last Wednesday morning that I was going to be able to go to Gourmet Camping this year, despite having purchased bus tix and made other necessary arrangements—including extensive email planning, with la capa della cucina e un'altra assistente of a vast Italian dinner on Saturday night. Since when I was sitting at Splatcom Inc., thumbs a-twirl, waiting for a proposal to "drop" as they say: it would seem the U.S. Navy is consolidating multiple contracts for human resources-related IT services—record-keeping, training, education, and more arcane stuff like "portfolio management" and "capital planning"—into a single contract. As often happens with gubmt acquisitions, the request for proposals (RFP) was expected "any day now" for many, many days on end. Splatcom would/will be subcontracting to Booze Hunden Allentown (betcha can't guess!), who were planning to convene a proposal development conference in Pensacola, Fla., at "RFP+4." (It was never clear whether the "4" was business days or calendar days.) The RFP finally came out last Tuesday, and it was latish Tuesday night before BHA informed Splatcom and their other subs that their presence was required in the Sunshine State at 9 a.m. sharp on Monday morning, 16 July. Woohoo! Weekend free! Maybe. Then: Yes, the Prez of Splatcom decides that airfare with no lead time is too expensive and so he will be the only one going to Florida, and furthermore I won't been needed to assist with anything critical until Monday at the earliest.All about Gourmet Camping in Maine )
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I'm a little late posting this meme, but I've had so much fun with other peoples's's's:

Open your iTunes/Winamp/etc. and turn on "shuffle". Keep note of the first 20 artists to come up. (If you are particularly old-fashioned, write down on little pieces of paper all the names of all the artists you own record albums of, put them in a hat, and pick 20 of them.)
Find a picture online of the randomized 20 artists. If the same artist comes up a second time in the mix, skip 'em.
Have your friends identify as many artists as they can.
Real friends don't cheat by looking at the URLs.

I'll post answers after they's all been got or nobody cares no more.

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