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Or so said [ profile] maestro_live on receiving this sonnet in text yesternight:

The tiny picture that I loved so well
and rescued lately from beneath the sink
fell thereinto; I have no words to tell
how sad the ruin of all this running ink.
I know that you will rally hale and soon
despite this last abdominal dismay;
the loss of icon does not importune
the loss of the original. So stay.
I know the fates have stomped upon your head
(as fates are wont to do) but gather this:
that, if and when the fates would have you dead,
my life, denatured utterly of bliss,
would be in certain forfeiture, and I
would die, would die, would die, would die, would die.
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Last night I thought of you and looked around
toward the fridge to view that photograph
of you, the one that always makes me laugh
or cry—but it was nowhere to be found.
(The suction cup was old and worn that bound
your healing hand to freezer door.) And af-
ter panicked scrambling on the floor for half
a minute, there I spied it, safe and sound,
far back beneath the sink: a kitty toy
pawed carelessly afoul and out of play.
I washed the suction cup so it would stay
in place; and, as it were the real McCoy,
I kissed the photo, source of all my joy
who mustn't, mustn't ever go away.
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It was an interesting weekend. Friday night I left the office and headed straight to the Warner Theater, in whose box office I coted the lovely and talented [ profile] furmuslbulk and his BF, buying tickets for Sunday night's performance of Avenue Q. Rush tickets for Friday's performance were to be sold as of 6 p.m., so at 5:40 I took my place in a line of three (which quickly expanded). Bottom line: after shelling out $80 for a 19th row seat the night before, suddenly I had a third-row (orchestra right) aisle seat for a grand total of $30, no service charges or 'convenience' fees. Pow.too friggin' verbose, as usual )
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I just did a weird and growed-up thing: I bought myself renter's insurance. A bit late, considering I've been living in my current apt. almost precisely a decade (March 1 is the anniversary). $148 per annum. Not bad.

I also paid for a Yahoo!-owned webspace to go with the domain I'm already paying for, So far nothing's there, but I'm in the process of transferring my entire photo site (hosted for years on, maintained by my former upstairs neighbor Mr. Feckless) to this space. It's not quite a superfluous site, even given my flickr presence, since the model shoots I've done are all watermarked and I haven't put most of them on flickr. Plus this Yahoo! space has design tools that may well lift the burden of making each new page (e.g., for movie marathons) by writing in html using Notepad.

Saw the eclipse last night: after Cheese Lord rehearsal a bunch of us bundled up and stood outside... We caught it just as the bottom right edge was starting to get a little light back on it... and while I'm sure I've looked at a total lunar eclipse in the past, it must have been my childhood and my memory is pretty much non-existent. So I was completely unprepared to have earth's moon actually look like a sphere hanging in the air. I'm sure I have never, ever seen the moon looking all 3-D like that.

Near future plans: dinner and bear night at Cobalt with Paul Friday... a lot of musical stuff this weekend I have to choose from... Dayton, Ohio next weekend to sing for the wedding of Lord Dan the Moribund Bachelor... and the weekend after, that off to San Francisco.

Even with my buying dinner tomorrow night I still kinda owe Paul a birthday present. I'm thinking Margaret Cho's upcoming show in April...

In other news, soon to be posted on the [ profile] groovy_garathon community, WE HAVE A LIST for Movie Marathon 45. Not a schedule yet, but a list. Hooray!
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I am a fool. With time so short I ought
To write a brilliant novel or compose
A string quartet. Instead, I shop. I bought
A Perry Ellis belt, six pairs of hose...
Three beers, and a tequila. And you sit,
A world away, the best and brightest thing
To happen in my life, but now commit-
ted fully to another. Can I bring
Myself to mourn? I'm not sure I know how,
Perhaps because I mourn my life partout
And this loss is particulière. And now,
In lieu of calling you mon petit choux,
The most that I can do is wish you well,
And have another beer, to ward off hell.

[Sitting in the Green Lantern feeling mopey last Friday night, I wrote this to [ profile] maestro_live in a cell phone text message. This is a slightly revised version in that by the time I got to the end I was tipsy enough not to realize it was only 13 lines and I had left one verse unrhymed. Oops.]
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perhaps because i'm flying to Chicago tonight, my sleep last night was brief... 11:30 to 3:30 and BOING, wide awake. it didn't help that it occurred to me i had not yet written a sonnet this week, and then it occurred to me that i should try some additional constraint besides rhyme scheme and meter. i'm a freakin' freak.

the Cheese Lord concert on Sunday was really pretty terrific. Read more... )

now it's proposal time, of course, and my chicago trip is already et into: tomorrow morning i have to facilitate a review of the proposal first draft by conference call. Read more... )

them as knows me long time know i'm going to chicago for the Grabby (Gay Porno) Awards and the International Mr. Leather convention and competition. Read more... )

so i packed last night and cleaned up the house a bit.

complicating matters is the fact that my three maintenance prescriptions—two for Hep B and one for hypertension—run out tomorrow, and I let them go too long before starting the process for getting refills via pharmacy-by-mail. Read more... )

hmmm, this hasn't been terribly random... how's this: there's a new mole on my face. Read more... )

what else? there are always houseflies in my bathroom. Read more... )

i finally have an iPod. Read more... )

guess that's about it for now... i'm taking my sweet, tiny little laptop (courtesy of a random Worst Buy employee, to the chagrin of Worst Buy corporate) with me to Chicago so i may be posting somewhat throughout the weekend. wish me fuck.
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This weekend in brief but not in briefs:

Bailed on a previously agreed-to Baltimore excursion Friday night Read more... ) then headed out with maestro and Fabian to the Green Lantern for underwear night Read more... ) I stepped down heavily onto the concrete—and onto a 200-year-old rusty nail that seems to have been sticking straight upRead more... ) Tetanus is fatal in 11 percent of all casesRead more... )


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