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Today is the 10th day of Lent and so my 10th day of teetolaling. By far the oddest and most unexpected effect of this drying-out—and I'm theorizing here, but I have no other explanation for the phenomenon*—is that my cats are suddenly treating me differently: they're noticeably stand-offish, aloof, pretty much refusing to curl up next to me on the couch or accept petting for more than a minute or so. This is new, starkly different from previous behavior, and so far as I can see not attributable to any other causative factor. I'm assuming that an alcohol-free Gourd smells so distinctly different from my besotted self that the cats are freaked out, wondering who this bizarre new version of their househuman is, and don't trust me in the least.

Cain't say as I blame them.

* doo doo de doo doo
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Courtesy of the lovely and talented [ profile] reverend_cary32, a bit of "sleek kitty! FAT KITTY!" Well, sleek kitty anyway. Also cats with poise and grace:

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Lovely weather prevailed. I took the opportunity to run many shopping errands yesterday... Office Stapot for CD mailers (finally getting around to sending out smutty CDs from IML/Grabbys in Chicago) and Post-It flags (because it's easier to shop for office supplies yourself than to order them at work); thence to "Green Pets" (formerly "Pet Essentials") for some all-natural cat food (Tynchre already hates the first thing I tried to feed him; wouldn't even taste it)... the two 20-ish gayboys working here were just as nice as could be, and I could swear one of 'em was flirting, but it might have just been salesmanship...

thence to Garden District, a frivolous stop where i bought a few basil plants, oregano, and rosemary (yeah, it's late in the season but what the hey) and a purple passion plant for my office; by dawdling at GD I missed the closure of Home Rule by 5 minutes, so I didn't get to buy a variety of ridiculously expensive soaps.

Other than that I got some work-work done over the weekend, mostly reading/commenting on proposal drafts... also imPodting classical music and cleaning up my iPod's files so there's exactly one "composer" entry for Bach, one for Beethoven, etc. And all the composers and artists on the classical stuff are listed lastname, firstname. Also started burning those smut CDs, but I still need to design a label.

Saturday night was underwear night at Green Lantern. Not a particularly successful one in gourdian terms (no public sex). Sparsely attended, too: too much of gay Washington goes to Rehoboth every weekend in the summer. Ah well.

Went home well shy of last call and watched About Schmidt again for the first time since my initial on-release Netflix rental. I really like this movie. It's some of the best work I've seen from Jack Nicholson, as troubled and helpless a character as his turn in As Good as It Gets but without the nasty. Totally against type: no snideness or sarcasm at all. Even in the final "wedding reception speech" he's talking out his ass but doing it in the most convincing and respectful way possible so as to spare everyone's feelings. Schmidt is a wonderfully envisioned and enlivened character, and I cried along with him in the last seconds of the film.


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