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Endemic, Adj.
1 a: belonging or native to a particular people or country b: characteristic of or prevalent in a particular field, area, or environment < problems endemic to translation> < the self-indulgence endemic in the film industry>
2: restricted or peculiar to a locality or region < endemic diseases> < an endemic species>

I looked this up when I ran across a Wikipedia sentence that said something like 'The only species of waterfowl endemic to Scotland is...' Since then I've been listening and have noted that many people use this term to mean 'inherent': 'These problems are endemic to our group', says this Cheese Lord or that on a regular basis.

It's not a great transgression, given the examples Merriam-Webster lists above for 2b—the latter of which already veers slightly south of their given definition!—but speaking of self-indulgence, it's a skosh presumptuous, for example, to hold that administrative paralysis is endemic to one's own group, as if no other group is so bedeviled. 'These are problems endemic to self-governed groups' is truer to the original meaning of the word.

I sense meaning in flux. Let me peruse the literature.
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Seriously, for sheer neck-creeping terror, this sentence from the current draft 'Proposal Development Procedure' at Chisanbop, Inc., is about on par with 'I have no mouth and I must scream':

'The bid will proceed unless compelling arguments against it are raised.'

It's a recipe for disaster. Terrible win-loss ratio (which we have), squandered resources. It's nonsense. NO bid should ever proceed unless compelling arguments FOR it are raised and any reasonable arguments against it can be countermanded.

Fuck this place.
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I just want to lament, at maximum decibels, that, earlier this week, the Washington Post Excress crossword contained a clue, for a 5-letter word beginning with C, that read, 'Is able to, to Shakespeare'. Working the puzzle further confirmed that they meant 'canst'.



'Canst' is a second-person form: 'My poet, thou canst touch on all the notes...' (E. B. Browning). The clue should have 'Are able to, to Shakespeare'; or, to shorten and simplify, 'Art able to'.

Villains. Dullards. Skalawags.
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... that 'glossary' now means 'list of abbreviations and/or acronyms'.
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"24/7/365" is redundant. Stop fucking saying it.
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I've decided to compile a set of usage laws that apply in the business of Federal Government contract acquisitions. These apply to generation of text for both Requests for [Proposals, Quotations, Information, what have you] and the [proposals etc.] that would-be contractors submit in response to said requests.

Today I present the first law (that occurred to me; its primacy does not necessarily signify its importance relative to forthcoming laws):

Any document-initial statement of purpose, problem, or intent, in either a Government-issued request or a contractor-supplied response, must include (preferably in its second paragraph) a reference to "meeting these challenges," regardless of the immediately preceding text.

A few modest examples:

Kellogg, Brown, and Root has scored exponentially under President Bush in the warfighting racket, realizing obscene profits as never before under previous administrations. KBR is rolling in filthy lucre and can foresee no change of derailment of the gravy train.

To meet these challenges, KRB is requesting...

Ok, this one's real:

... The NETCENTS2 Services contract will be a companion contract to the other two contracts in providing users total network-centric IT solutions.

The NETCENTS2 Services contract is designed to meet these challenges...

Also real, at least until I edited the following text:

... Navy professionals have paved the way into the future with resourcefulness, inventiveness, originality of ideas, and meticulously planned initiatives.

To meet these challenges, the MPT&E organization...

I swear, it's just automatic. It's a law; people learn it by repetition and after a while it just doesn't matter what the frig you put in the first 'graph: the second talks about meeting these challenges.
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All kidding and all politics aside, the most compelling argument for the removal of U.S. military troops from Iraq—indeed, for the permanent disbanding of the U.S. military as a whole—and frankly they can all stay in fucking Iraq for all I care—is the staggering, in-your-face, nine-inch-nails-on-a-chalkboard stupidity that prevails there. Sure the front lines end up populated mostly by kids most unfit for any sort of formal education (typically performing badly in class from grade school up); but what is less commonly known is that at every level of military command and administration the important once are chosen not for their smarts but for the facility with which they can make shit up on the fly to pretend they're smart. That's why the knee-deep bullshit jargon. That's why "to include:" is used even in past tense. That's why every document in the "List of Applicable Documents" in the Request for Information I'm reading right now has the annotation "(current version or later)" next to it.

Support our troops! They need our support! They're too stupid to get out of the way of a suicide bomber!

(The author of this blog would like to point out to anyone who should happen across this entry who has a relative or friend fighting in Iraq, that he really doesn't wish them ill. After all, they are only following the Fourth Reich's orders and fighting for my right to marry, have joint power of attorney with my partner, visit him in hospital, successfully bequeath my property to him, etc.; to not get beaten up, fired, kicked out of my housing, or kept from joining whatever association for being queer; also for my right to be religion-free; for my overall right to privacy without illegal molestation from the feral gubmt; and to ensure all the country's kids are taught according to indisputable scientific facts and principles.)

(Oh. Wait.)
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I used to read the Reader's Digest cover-to-cover every month. LOVED that shit. All the joke and anecdote sections, all the quips and quotes and witticisms at the bottoms of pages where the story left a wee bit of room... Anyway, one of the quotes I remember to this day (though I forget its attribution) is "We cherish our friends not for their ability to amuse us but for our ability to amuse them." As a whatever-year-old kid that was one of the first little bits of wisdom to turn my ideas of social relationships on they pointy haids.

In that spirit, I just amused both myself and [ profile] jaegerbeast:

Haggis McBrylcreem says:
lord, save me from the logorrhoeic
JAEGER says:
JAEGER says:
JAEGER says:
of or from whom?
Haggis McBrylcreem says:
"EPfM consists of a combination of people, processes, and corresponding information and technology that senses and responds to change by providing visibility into resource availability in order for scheduling personnel and other resources optimally"
JAEGER says:
Haggis McBrylcreem says:
i mean... "in order for" is just salmon-flavored icing on the 18-layer cake
JAEGER says:
oh, eew. just stop.
Haggis McBrylcreem says:
i'm in my unhappy place
JAEGER says:
(especially since i just inhaled pad thai)
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Re the use of "aw" to replace the sound, as in "hot" and "rocks" and "hot rocks": KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. They are not the same sound, and "hawt rawks" sounds like you're a stupid American trying to pronounce the French for "high russet." The first part is probably accurate, at least.

What may be even worse, you might have decided that it no longer matters what it sounds like, since your pathetic little existence is spent typing into your computer. And you've seen others before you type "That rawks!" and so you do it yourself. But as a wise woman said to me on any number of occasions, "If you saw somebody else put a lump of shit on their nose and let it fall into their mouth, would you do it too?"

AMENDED: I'm sorry, did I make this sound like it was negotiable? It is not. Blow me.


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