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Update since Wednesday: the Cheeselord Tenebrae service went off well despite Fr. Kevin's homily. hiding in the tenebrae )

Thursday, my boss invites me to the "pipeline review" meeting where everyone involved in sales at Splatcom runs down the data on all potential opportunities. omg boring work talk )

Last night took a couple buses in a row from my office to St. John's Catholic Church in Falls Church to sing, as a ringer, for the Good Friday service there. back to church )

Metroed home, hung out awhile, and back out to the Green Lantern, which has managed to curry a respectable underwear night on Fridays as well as Saturdays. requisite smut content )
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Because of my opinions about religious faith and how prompt I am to share them:

A. I am a bigot.
B. I am a bitter, old, faggot [sic].
C. I am a loser.
D. I am a total fucking asshole.
E. My statements are as much proselytizing, and every bit as evangelical, as anything you'd hear from a pentecostal, just on the other side of the fence.
F. I am a closed-minded asshole. (Or perhaps a closely minded asshole; the usage was ambiguous)
G. I'm a douchebag.
H. It's obvious that my POV is the only correct one and, well, that ends any and all discussions on the subject as far as I'm concerned.
I. I am a scared little man whose fear is stronger than his faith.

See here. One further response to a commenter lives here for lack of any other place to put it and because he posts no email address.

Yes, I was callous yesterday and livid this morning. Meanwhile, my post yesterday that made a reasonable argument (I thought without rancor) was what prompted [ profile] qxbear to ban me from commenting in his journal. Now everybody gets to discuss the posted argument without my being able to weigh in—like, for example, pointing out to "H" that I'm absolutely willing to argue religion endlessly with Tyler or him or anybody, and that what really ended any and all discussions on the subject was Tyler banning me.



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