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I am an ancient platypus and a hedonist.

I taste of fresh strawberries.

My nose is too low and I'm coming in too fast.

I keep odd hours, as do my botanist and her auto detailer and his hair stylist.

I chew carefully.

I was born between the year of the rat and the year of the snake; my sign is therefore rattlesnake.

When hinges creak, I oil them; that's the kind of hairpin I am.

I am an atheist. The idea that science is "just another religion" is the single most pernicious lie in the foul, stinking cloaca of lies that forms the species' substrate.

I am getting old. My uvula is wearing out.

I wear the cheese; it does not wear me.

Content disclaimer, in the spirit of cooperation with LJ policy: This journal is written by an adult male and as such may include images or discussions on sexual topics or of a sexual nature. Because the planet's most powerful and destructive megafauna have evolved a groundless and injurious aversion to matters of coitus and the many pleasures related thereto, certain paranoid legal restrictions may apply regarding reading of this journal. Those under the age of majority (an arbitrary limit, wholly lacking in scientific or common-sense justification) in their local area should not proceed to read my journal; nor should they even consider looking at any images contained therein depicting throbbing cocks being jacked with the desperate abandon afforded an eject lever on a nosediving aeroplane, or stabbing frenetically into tight little manholes that have just been lubricated and relaxed with a thorough tongue-fucking. Definitely not.

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a cappella music, alexsander freitas, alternative tentacles records, amazing randi, anonymous 4, anti-circumcision, antoine busnoys, antonin dvorak, apes, arthropoda, arthropods, atheism, atwood, bach, blow jobs, bolex brothers, brothers quay, budapest, buffy the vampire slayer, bullshit!, cacti and succulents, carmina burana, chamber music, chess, chi chi la rue, child ballads, claudio monteverdi, crispin glover, cristobal de morales, crochet, david bowie, david cronenberg, david fincher, david lynch, david sedaris, deerhunter, dmitri shostakovich, dumplings, eddie izzard, ella fitzgerald, erik satie, eschatology, eschaton, exhibitionism, flamenco, folk music, francis poulenc, frank zappa, gay porn, gentle giant, georgian music, giovanni pierluigi da palestrina, gorillas, gyspy music, harold bloom, henry purcell, humanism, hymenoptera, illuminati, insecta, insects, j.s. bach, jan svankmajer, jello biafra, jesse santana, jewish mysticism, john guare, joni mitchell, josh west, josquin desprez, joss whedon, judaica, june tabor, kids in the hall, klezmer, kyle king, languages, liguistics, lucky daniels, madness, maine coons, manicheanism, marc dylan, mark ruffalo, marx brothers, melville, michael chabon, montreal, monty python, mothers of invention, musclebears, neal stephenson, nomeansno, organic foods, orgies, orlando di lassus, owls, paul thomas anderson, penn and teller, penn jillette, peter greenaway, peter sarsgaard, physics, piano, pierogi, piss, player pianos, polyamory, polyrhythms, primates, public sex, puzzles, pynchon, raisin bran, renaissance music, revelation, robert anton wilson, rocky horror picture show, rushdie, salman rushdie, sauerkraut, schizophrenia, scotch, sea shanties, secular humanism, shostakovich, silly sisters, single malts, skepticism, sonnets, southern decadence, stereolab, susan werner, sushi, suspicious cheese lords, terry gilliam, the mountain goats, theology, thomas pynchon, tomas luis de victoria, torah, traditional folk music, tv on the radio, vladimir nabokov, voyeurism, washington dc, water sports, ween, welsh, werner klemperer, wild beasts, yo-yo ma, zappa, zoroastrianism
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