May. 15th, 2013

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Discussed herein: Our approach to pedophilia isn’t working | Ariel Castro wanted help. So why didn't we help him?
By Sophie McAdam; for Salon
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I've been watching the back catalog of Law & Order SVU lately, observing a tendentiously left-center establishment POV on the sexual abuse of children (among other matters) that, so far in my viewing, hails from ~14 to ~10 years ago. While my impression may need amending if I get into more recent seasons, I can't imagine too much has changed to interrupt or redirect the zeitgeist in the intervening decade: indeed, during this period, chapter after chapter of scandal has unfolded around the Roman Catholic Church's pope-tickling network of complicity in protecting the many, many pedophiles in its employ. In the secular world, the public rage and appetite for blood seem as militant and as homogeneous now as was evident among Don Cragen's (Dann Florek) "dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies". When Eliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) loses his tenuous self-control and starts roughing up a perp, he is acting on behalf of your average breeder, terrified—beyond any sense of reason or justification—of what might happen to their children if some grown-up makes their naughty bits stiff.

Case in point, a random and unscientific example of our collective bloodlust, just happened upon: July 2012, a questioner posted to Nude Babies! )


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